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Wendy McClellan

Structure for Success 

(480) 773-3064

1. What do you feel your biggest business accomplishment has been?
  I was in the corporate world for over 25 years and I feel I have accomplished a lot during my career.  I think my biggest business accomplishment has occurred since I opened my own business in 2013.  I have been working as an HR consultant, however my greatest passion and accomplishment has been encouraging women business owners to collaborate instead of compete with each other. 

2. What do you love the most about your industry and what you do professionally?
I love working with people.  As a leader in Corporate America, I always put my people first.  As a consultant, I get to work with business owners and teach them the importance of their employees and how to support and encourage them within their business culture and their leadership.

3. How has WOAMTEC made a difference in your life and would you recommend the organization to others?
I found WOAMTEC after I first opened my business.  I was used to networking with a corporate structure behind me, and I was intimidated by the concept of networking for my own business.  WOAMTEC, it's fabulous members, and our amazing Chapter Director at that time (Lesa Moses) encouraged me to grow and to feel comfortable within my own skills and talents.

4.  If you had any advice for another business person, what would it be?
Take Risks.  Don't be afraid to do something extraordinary.  YOU are unique and special -- tell others about your amazing skills and talents.

Congratulations, Wendy on being selected the WOAMTEC

Member of the Week! 

You deserve it! We appreciate you! 





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