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Meet the woamtec team

Kiki's Picture

Kiki Koymarianos - Owner / CEO

WOAMTEC has been the women’s group that I have focused on to grow my Real Estate business. I get excited to attend every networking function my chapter offers. The group is always uplifting, encouraging and willing to help in any way they can. WOAMTEC is all business and it is all heart. It provides a genuine space of warmth where businesses AND friendships can thrive. 

 Diane Vivian  

 Diane Vivian - VP of Marketing

I love the relationship approach to networking that Woamtec promotes not just giving out a business card. I have personally gained many good friendships and business activity through my association with Woamtec. I bring loyalty to the cause, steadfastness to the mission and respect for all those involved.

 Carolyn Gray

 Carolyn Gray - VP of Human Resources

I was looking for an organization to help me grow my business. I love the relationships I have developed with other WOAMTEC members. The WOAMTEC structure is phenomenal and diverse...we welcome men as a part of this organization!

 Zipporah Singleton

 Zipporah Singleton - VP of New Directors

WOAMTEC is all about prioritizing life appropriately, while still allowing its members the opportunity to have an exclusive chair in each chapter. Getting tied into the community was amazing because I truly felt when I joined, my fellow members would listen and try to help me without trying to sell me their service/product or have ulterior motives. It was a breath of fresh air over and above other networking experiences.

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