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Becky Niemann

WOAMTEC has been the women's group that I have focused on to grow Camy Couture. This group has been so supportive since I opened when they offered me the chance to do a fashion show at the National Conference here in Orlando. I have met wonderful women who also own their business and work hard to establish and maintain relationships while offering great customer service. I talk about WOAMTEC almost daily in the boutique when I meet other women who are trying to grow their clientele. I highly recommend WOAMTEC and am happy to have met some really quality women. 

Holly Price

WOAMTEC is truly amazing!  I get excited to attend every networking function and spend time with the best people.   The group is always uplifting, encouraging and willing to help in any way they can.  It is like a family!  I recommend this group to everyone I know.  You never know what benefit someone could get out of this group.




Tracey Croushorn

Give WOAMTEC a try you never know who you will meet or where it will lead you.  Besides being a great organization for women, I love the heart they have and the community outreach.  It is a way that I can get involved with giving back.



Marni-Spencer Devlin

 Woamtec was by far the most important factor in helping me to put down professional roots. When I arrived in Florida, a little over two years ago I knew no one. The women of WOMATEC became my loving support. WOAMTEC is different. To my knowledge, it is the only growing professional networking organization. I use the term networking group loosely because WOAMTEC is so much more. WOAMTEC is all business and it is all heart. It provides a genuine space of warmth where businesses AND friendships can thrive. I recommend WOAMTEC everywhere I go.



Carolyn Gray
WOAMTEC has made a difference in my life through the many many authentic relationships with people who support me and are sincerely concerned about my business and professional growth.  There is a collective abundance of knowledge within WOAMTEC and members freely share.

Deborah Hendrix

People are never to busy to do what is important to them. I love WOAMTEC, and almost never miss a meeting. I have been a member since we were one-month-old in Winston-Salem, NC. So to answer your questions, about are people too busy to update their profile or log in? My answer would be that they are not interested in WOAMTEC. I have done about 15 business head shots from our division. Gina Mounce is such a wonderful leader and does such a fabulous job.  Portraits by Deborah


 Veronica J. Marquina 

I recently had a personal situation come up in which I needed to find a family practice attorney in the Houston Texas area. Finding an attorney at home is hard enough but mulling over google results for a different state left me confused and a bit depressed. I searched through our WOAMTEC chapters and found Claudia Van Harn and Janet Stramrod. Claudia was very kind and gave me the name of an Elder attorney in her chapter that unfortunately was not able to help. It was great that she tried and I am very appreciative. I also left a message with Janet, who called me back a few days later. She said hello, introduced herself, and then passed her cell phone to her friend, a family practice attorney (and a women, yay!). I couldn’t be happier with her.  

Being involved with WOAMTEC is so much more than a business networking opportunity. I have met some of the most wonderful people. WOAMTEC is my oasis, my opportunity to meet like-minded women who face the same challenges. Denise and Toni have become dear to my heart. I want to thank you for this crazy risk you took starting this group and continuing to support it.  


 Amy Borsen Greenfield‎

Wow is all I can say! As the director for the Boca Raton Chapter, I have made numerous connections with some truly amazing people. I love WOAMTEC  and everything we stand for.  The support from Kathleen Hawkins and her staff is absolutely incredible.  WOAMTEC's mission is one that I wholeheartedly believe in.  I love that we are professional, but not so stringent that it takes the fun out of networking.  I am so thankful for the community that WOAMTEC has created throughout the U.S. and the alliances that so many of us have made.  The possibilities with WOAMTEC are endless if you take advantage of all it has to offer.  I have connected with some amazing professionals and have learned and grown both personally and professionally through many of them.  I always tell people about WOAMTEC and encourage them to check out a chapter near them and if there is not one, to call Kathleen and get one started in their area.   


 Eileen Allen‎  

WOAMTEC has opened so many doors for me and my family. It has given me the opportunity to connect with other members that are motivated, driven and focused has been so inspirational and life changing. It has allowed me to personally step outside of my comfort zone and share a passion, which is the Scentsy story. WOAMTEC is not only about Women on a Mission to Earn Commission but women and men on a mission to build strong relationships that eventually turn into great friendships. 


Andrea Morgan 

I joined WOAMTEC only a few months ago. I had been building a team about two hours from my home and wanted to start connecting where I live. From the very first meeting, I felt like I was surrounded with like-minded women who were smart, motivated and part of a community of support and motivation. I have made new connections and new friends and gained new information. I look forward to each WOAMTEC meeting and even tried to schedule a vacation so I wouldn't miss one! I know this group of women will be a strong part of my business growth and success. I am so thankful to have found WOAMTEC.






Kiki Koymarianos

WOAMTEC has been the best thing in my life. I have developed relationships with very powerful women in my area and we keep growing in Texas! I have developed personal as well as professional relationships with a lot of our members not only from my chapter but from other chapters as well. We are truly implementing the WOAMTEC values and are bringing women together in our area. I don't use anyone for any services unless they are a WOAMTEC member either local or in another area. The WOAMTEC directory is my MAIN business referral source.


Angela Campos

Recently, I received a call from a fellow WOAMTEC member, Kimberly Domangue from the Katy, TX chapter. Kimberly was having a bit of difficulty getting the links to her Facebook and LinkedIn pages to work properly in her member profile of the WOAMTEC directory. She started her call with 'WOAMTEC gave me your number because you are the guru'. I was immediately nervous because she happened to catch me while I was out of town and without immediate internet access, but I was able to walk her through the setup anyway. Her profile looks great!

Thank You WOAMTEC for the referral! When the corporate office believes in its members enough to pass on contact information, it more than validates the reason we have joined this awesome group. Thank you!






  Gina Mounce, Winston Salem Director-

When I began as the director of our Winston-Salem WOAMTEC chapter, I had no idea what a blessing was in store for me. I have become friends with some of the most amazing women I have ever met. Our chapter members truly embody the WOAMTEC spirit. They support each other in business and pursue the greater commissions in life by supporting our non-profits to strengthen our community. When one of our members lost her husband to a sudden illness this year, the outpouring of love and support was tremendous and demonstrated that we walk the talk!  Since we are the only chapter in NC, and have no neighboring chapters, the support and advice for other directors and our corporate team have been instrumental in our success and a huge blessing to me! Thanks to Kathleen, Cee, and Tanya for supporting and believing in our chapter and we look forward to seeing you in NC this year!


Maggie DeGennaro

After many years of waiting to get into WOAMTEC I have been blessed to be with a great team of great ladies. Our chapter leader is fabulous. I have established some great relationships in the short period of time that I have been a member. Sometimes it's not all about getting business it's about the long-term friendships that you will develop. I just love WOAMTEC and it was worth the wait!


Cindy Stump Barnett

WOAMTEC has been a blessing to me for the friendships that I have made! We have a GREAT group of people at the Lawrenceville Chapter, and I look forward to the meeting each month! We have an awesome director and ambassador, who care VERY much about everyone in the group! THANK YOU, Lawrenceville, Georgia Chapter!!


Mary Beth Schmitz

Joining the Houston NW Woamtec chapter has really opened my world! I am no longer sitting in the office thinking about my business. Now, I am networking and am inspired by others to get out there and make it happen. 


Mary G Mora

Joining WOAMTEC has been a true blessing for me. Gina Mounce, our director, is a giving and caring person. We have fun and great networking during our meetings. And she has become a dear friend.I did not hesitate to accept to be one of the Ambassadors when I was asked. Of course I wanted to invite others to join us and share the benefits of membership. Our Winston-Salem Chapter's sisters are a terrific group of women. Waiting for our first man member, but he too shall come. There are different business categories and each member brings their individuality representing their field. Kathleen Hawkins, what can I say? Be sure to take advantage of speaking with her. She shares her knowledge and helps us go where we haven't gone before for our businesses.
Helping with marketing and business growth, WOAMTEC allows you to make great connections with the members in other chapters throughout the USA.
I am truly blessed and love being able to stay in touch via FB. Remember it's not always "What's in it for me?" but "How may I help you?" 


Dee Toohey

I have been blessed many ways by WOAMTEC in the past year! First, I have made many new friendships within my Chapters and outside of my Chapter. I have made many connections out of our area and am attending a few meetings in Texas next month! I can’t wait to meet some of our members from Texas in person! On the business side, I have attended several training sessions lead by other WOAMTEC members and have learned and benefited from their training. I have purchased gifts and raffle items from other members. I encourage and support others doing the same. After all, when I need a raffle item from members, I can’t give away a house! But I can give a gift from a member. Just today, I was asked if I could contribute to a charity raffle. I will select a member to make the purchase from for the donation. We both get a bit of advertising out it! I also tend to complete birthday and holiday shopping within WOAMTEC whenever possible. By helping each other, we all benefit. In my business, I have closed over $1,000,000 in sales last year directly due to WOAMTEC referrals. Currently, I have two pending contracts awaiting closing, am working on another listing and with three buyers all from WOAMTEC connections. I truly value the friendships, growth and learning opportunities and business I have gained from my WOAMTEC membership!


Patti VanderZee

I have grown incredibly from a "I would NEVER do that" in my comfort space to actually stepping WAY out of my box with the help of Maribeth Alte and all my encouraging WOAMTEC friends. Thank you, Kathleen AND South Seminole chapter!


Vicky Denny

When we think of Blessings it is usually something that occurs within our family. But sometimes Blessings come when you least expect it. Who would imagine that a group of women who meet twice a month to network and support two wonderful non-profits would have such an impact on my life. It was a Blessing when Gina Mounce did not give up on me and continued to invite me to visit the Winston-Salem Woamtec. I walked into the meeting and was immediately enveloped with love and support. Friendly ladies who made my visit all about me and not about what they were trying to sell. Women who have become great friends over the year + I have been a member. Women who hold each other up, during the good times and the bad times. Women who give of themselves to help one another. Women who have helped me to grow my business and I have helped them grow theirs. Women who have a spirit of love. I very seldom miss a WOAMTEC Winston-Salem meeting. Because I need the uplifting spirit I receive from everyone who in attendance. Because of my association with WOAMTEC I have become closer to my Savior. Because of WOAMTEC I have 30+ ladies I could call at a moment’s notice if I needed any of them. Because of WOAMTEC my horizons are see Blessings come when you least expect it...who thought a "networking group" could have such an impact on your life...thank you Gina Mounce, Winston-Salem, WOAMTEC Director for continuing to invite me. 


Lisa Jones Buben

♥ LOVE WOAMTEC! It's such a blessing to be able to surround yourself with powerful, loving, inspiring and purposeful women who are driven by truth. I am thankful for each person I meet through this organization b/c everyone has something to give one another and WOAMTEC connects us all so we have the opportunity. Kathleen Hawkins, you have my utmost respect for all you do for others and how you lead by example. To each of my members in Fernandina Beach, thank you for your support in 2012 and let's continue to build each other and the rest will fall into place. With ♥ and blessings to everyone in 2013!! xoxoxoxo


 Diane M Schmit Vivian 

Woamtec has been a blessing to me both professionally and personally. I had never even heard of "networking" to grow a business before Woamtec. I feel like I struck gold on the first try. I have been a member since 2007 and 2012 proved to be an even greater blessing. My years of promoting my health drink and my graphics business has brought forth new customers who have heard me repeat my passion every other week for years and finally saying yes to trying the product and/or using my graphics services. If I had given up on Woamtec or decided I had more important things to do than attend most of the meetings through my busy times, I never would have gained the benefit of adding these new friends in business and helping to share health and hope in my community and beyond. The support I have received is priceless both by Woamtec Corporate and the members I have grown to love. Thank you Woamtec for giving me a reason to get out there and look my best and be able to interact with such quality, caring people. Anyone can win with Woamtec. 

Kiki Aristidou Koymarianos-Director 

My husband and I moved to the Woodlands, TX in 2011 and we did not know anybody in the area. I had been introduced to WOAMTEC through the director of the West Palm Beach, FL chapter. After several networking attempts in the area I hadn't found anything that felt the right type of networking for me and my business. I have been in Real Estate since 2004 and have never really had to network to grow my business which has always been based on referrals. Knowing that I needed to do something to get connected in the area I thought of WOAMTEC and contacted the corporate office to ask what I needed to do to bring WOAMTEC to TX. The rest of it is history. Since March 7, 2012 our Woodlands chapter has grown to 62 members and we are moving strong into 2013 and there have been 5 more chapters that have started in the surrounding areas blessing over 100 business women. I have met a lot of new friends and business partners through my WOAMTEC chapter and have started building my referral business. I feel blessed that Kathleen believed in me and gave me the opportunity to start my Woodlands chapter. 


Kristen Corbett

 WOAMTEC has made a huge impact in my life. I've been to a lot of networking groups and the best foundation has been this particular group. I'm dedicated to all the empowerment and learning curves in which I can share to others. I've become a bolder person and more authentic to my customers and business networkers. Becoming an Executive Director for WOAMTEC has increased my business and my value in my networking groups. This trip has been inspirational and I'm proud to be a WOAMTEC member!