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Are you getting the most bang for the buck with your marketing materials? Are you delivering the right message?

Wed, 12 Jan 2011 by Jeff Hawkins

Now  members can send corporate their marketing collateral- business cards, post cards and we have assembled a team of advertising experts to give you FREE marketing advice and design evaluation.

Better yet…….ONE lucky member from your area….will win a Marketing Makeover!  No need for a big advertising budget, you have WOAMTEC on your side! We will help you get the brand you desire! Each area will select one winner, to design, print, and produce a new marketing piece to build their brand in the new year!

WOAMTEC celebrates the effectiveness and creativity of YOUR marketing activities—from campaigns to individual pieces and Web sites. Even if you don’t win, you can get professional feedback—ideas you can incorporate next time…

…But if you do win, you receive:

  • WOAMTEC membership free for one year
  • Recognition at the Confident Women Conference
  • Winning entry included in an exhibit at Conference
  • Publicity in a full-page feature in Confident Women Magazine
  • Prominent placement of entry on

Marketing and promotional activities help put your name inside your potential customers’ minds, so test your marketing impact against your peers with this competition. Plus, if you enter, you get the chance to win all those great prizes mentioned above!

Recognition will go to first-place and finalist entrants, with a maximum of one first place and two finalists in each category. To be considered for first place or finalist, entries must score 75 or higher. First place and finalist entrants will be notified as soon as judging is completed.

Entries must be postmarked no later than January 30, 2011. Entries received after that date will be disqualified. There is no entry fee to apply, but applicants must be active WOAMTEC members.



Marketing Campaign

Entry into the Marketing Awards Competition grants WOAMTEC the right to display your entry at conventions and conferences and to create reproductions of your entry for the awards presentation, publication and other purposes. Entry in the Marketing Awards also constitutes permission to use your entry as a case study. By entering you also agree that to the best of your knowledge, according to the information contained in these rules, you and your entry qualify for the competition. All entries become the property of WOAMTEC. Competition entries will not be returned.


1. Best Image Marketing Campaign

Printed materials that illustrate the overall image of your company. Entries must include three or more of the following: letterhead, business cards, envelopes, brochures, advertising, portfolios, newsletters, postcards, special products. Entries should exhibit a consistent look and feel (logo, colors,
style, etc.).

2. Best Use of Online Marketing
E-mail communication pieces (including e-mail blasts, e-newsletters, online postcards, etc.), blogs, and other forms of online, interactive marketing.

3. Best Web Site A Web site that promotes your company’s products, goods, or services.

4. Best Use of Multimedia
Effective and creative use of multimedia in a campaign, presentation, or advertisement. Entries may include an interactive or regular CD-ROM, DVD, electronic multimedia presentation, or individual television or radio advertisements. Includes materials developed for general use, such as to illustrate the studio’s capabilities or as part of a presentation to a specific target market.

5. Best Individual Marketing Piece
Any individual marketing piece—in any specialty—that you feel works well and stands out (price lists, direct mail, brochure, etc.)

I. Entry Form and Payment. Separate entry forms and payment for each individual entry. As an added incentive, the critiques are free this year. If you enter a Web site, be sure to include the Web address (URL).
II. Statement of Purpose. Three copies of the
statement of purpose must accompany each entry and follow the order and guidelines listed below. Please provide answers to all questions. You are encouraged to use bullets to outline your answers, as judges have limited time to review each submittal.

  Title of entry
2. Your  marketing objective
  a. Goals: clearly state your marketing goals for this particular entry. What did   your studio hope to achieve with the piece or campaign?
  b. Target Audience: who was the audience for this piece or campaign? Details  will help the judges understand the scale of your marketing efforts
3. The content of the piece or program                                                   
  a. Research, Planning and Implementation: what market research was conducted prior to the planning of the piece or campaign? Describe the production and delivery method. Was an outside consulting or graphics design firm used?
  b. Message: what is/are the key message(s) intended for this piece, campaign or Web Site?
4. The results of the marketing effort – which of the goals in question 2a were achieved and how?
III. Entries. Three copies of each entry must be submitted with each entry form.
If an entry contains multiple pieces, you must submit three complete sets (e.g., for a campaign that includes a letter, postcard, and brochure, you must submit 3 copies of the letter, 3 copies of the postcard, and 3 copies of the brochure.)

IV. Special Category Requirements.

• Multimedia entries must be submitted on CD, DVD
• Multimedia and Web site entries will be viewed using Windows-compatible computers. Web site entries will be viewed using the latest version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
• For multimedia entries, please state the best program to view the contents in (and if a special video player is required).
• All CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes must be labeled with studio name, submitting person’s name, entry category, description of contents and  format.


Effectiveness, creativity, quality, and content will all be considered by a team of creative leaders working within business-to-consumer industries. All entries will be evaluated using the following point system:
*Impact and Effectiveness – How well does the entry meet the goals described in the statement of purpose?
How much does the piece entice a consumer to buy? (30 points)

*Creativity – Is the design approach unique, creative, and memorable? Does the piece capture and keep the audience’s attention? (25 points)

*Quality – Is the piece free of typos and grammatical errors? Is the studio’s contact information included and easy to find? Are the graphics professional-looking? (25 points)

*Content – How well does the piece address the target audience? How apparent is the product or service being offered? Was the copy written in a professional manner? (20 points)