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The story of a smile.... By Kathleen Hawkins

Tue, 03 Jan 2017 by Kathleen Hawkins

We all know you never get a second chance to make a first impression and image is everything, but have you ever thought about the story behind your  smile?

Most of us automatically wear one, when we are trying to make a good impression. However, even in your best suit and biggest grin, have you ever thought about what your smile says, that you don't?

If you haven't, you should study the Story of a Smile. Try spending an hour in a public place. Now, look around the room. You will quickly see and judge the following people and their story behind there smile. I challenge you to find the following smiles and then take a moment and study yours?

Smile #1- The Who's Your Daddy Smile- you know the one...the slick, huge grin with sparkling teeth and a confident attitude. This is usually the, "How you doing?" Kind a person that gives you the coy smile when they have an alternative motive or are  actually thinking, "When are they going to stop talking... so I can!"

Smile #2- Nervous Nelly Smile- this is the smile that people put on when they are eagerly trying to make you think, They are not scared out of their mind!  
They are genuinely nice people just with a lot less arrogance then smile number 1. Don't intimidate them...accept them. Your acceptance will widen their grin and brighten their confidence.

Smile #3-  Alluring Smile- you know these people. They are intriguing. They smile with grace and confidence. They are not rude or arrogant. They are fine with who they are and not trying to impress others. Their smile leaves you wanting to know more about them. They are selective of who they let in, but leave you wanting to know more. Their mystery is not arrogance it is sincere self assurance.

Smile #4 The Get me out of here smile! This is the person who puts on a smile to be hospitable, but really thinks everyone in the room is nuts. Read this smile, especially if you are on a date or in sales. You won't close a sale or a kiss, if they are wearing this plastic grin. They are trying to be nice but planning their exit strategy!

Smile #5 A Smile Magnet- you know these people- they smile and you immediately want to be their friend or wish they were your Father. These people smile from the inside out, even their smile lines make you happy! They smile with more than their mouth, they smile with their eyes, their heart and their soul! They are the most inviting and genuine! People gravitate to these people because they listen and actually care about the people around them! They are sincere, heartfelt, confident with who they are. They will attract the most people!

The bottom line is doesn't matter if you are wearing a smile or a frown, if your body language is not communicating what you want people to know, it will affect the results you achieve. So the next time you smile, don't do it cause you have to. Smile because you want to! Smile from the inside out!