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The Apple Never Falls Far From the Tree

Wed, 01 Jun 2016 by Kathleen Hawkins

All I knew was to me, it looked prettier when it was full and green than when it was trimmed back and all you could see was brown sticks and branches. I questioned him again, but he proceeded to convince me he knew what he was doing. I chose that battle and walked away.

Later that evening, I was reading a book titled “How do Apples Grow” by Betsy Maestro to my daughter. If you have never read it, it's a children’s book. It is a somewhat bizarre book about apples. Everything you ever needed to know and more!

Well, it always amazes me, how you always see what you need to see when you need to see it. The very next morning, we had a guest Pastor at church, he proceeded his sermon to talk about focus and making a difference in the lives of others talking specifically about pruning bushes and apple seeds!

First, he talked about the importance of pruning back bushes. He said they may look big and beautiful, but if all their energy and nutrition is going towards being “BIG” they can’t produce what they need to be beautiful. Think about that for a moment….what are we doing to be “BIG” that is keeping us from being “Beautiful?” That really struck a cord with me because I have attendance to always push myself, do more, achieve more, be more. Then I started to think about, what unnecessary things can I cut out of my life to allow me to be what God intends me to be?

You see, if you cut out of your life all the things that are keeping us from producing the fruits of life we are destined to produce, then we will have the energy and the nourishment to evolve into the beautiful being we are capable of being?

I am not saying, don’t strive to reach goals. I am not saying, don’t work on improving yourself or reaching to succeed. Those are all necessary things that help with personal growth. Unnecessary things like; a bad relationship or habit, alcohol or drugs, drain your positive energy and tire your soul. It could even be that you don’t have confidence, feel worthy or are setting a self-imposed limitation on your life. Take a moment to be cognizant of the things in your life that are taking up your energy and absorbing unneeded nutrition. Make a decision today to cut back those branches and let the beauty of your life evolve.

The Pastor then proceeded to talk about the importance of taking care of others. The Pay it Forward concept, I teach all the time. He reminded us to remember that God uses little seeds to make great Trees. So no matter who you are or how insignificant you might feel, remember you can make a difference in the lives of others and you don’t know how much their difference can make in you. Then he shared the story about how apples grow. Quite a coincidence, twice in 24 hours, I am learning about apples! He closed by reminding us, that you can count every seed in one apple. But you will never know how many apples come from one seed.

So with that…. I encourage you to remember two thoughts every day.

1. You are in charge of your destiny, don’t let your past, your fears or your habits stop you from being the beautiful being you are capable of being! Prune back your branches!
2.  Remember, that one small good deed, nice gesture, or a donation may change a life that could, in turn, change thousands!

Because after all, the apple never falls far from the tree!