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WOAMTEC Benefits

Thu, 25 Feb 2016 by Kathleen Hawkins

Wondering, what she said? She said, all the WOAMTEC members are too busy to log into the WOAMTEC website! Well, as your business consultant, it is my job to make sure you are not thinking the same thing. When you are too busy to put off something so important, it is time to learn the power of delegation and when to ask for help. Why log

1. You have to make sure your contact information is complete, working, and displaying correctly. Did you build your brand?
2. Last year, we had over a MILLION unique visitors on our website, if you are missing out of that exposure, you are missing out on sales. 
3. There are tons of savings opportunity and, even more educational content! If you don’t log in, you don’t know what you are missing.

People use our directory daily, if you don’t log in and use the website your company could be losing more than you realize!

To log into the website: Visit add your username (email address) and then your password (can be requested) in the log in section on the top right side.

To make the Most of your Membership: 
1. Update your profit
2. Add a member to member offer
3. Add social media links
4. Make sure your links work
5. Make sure you have liked us on Facebook and begin to make National connections
6. Watch a training video or archived broadcast at least once a month
7. Sort the member directory by categories that would be good strategic alliances and make personal connections with other members
8. Make sure you are saving with our Member Discount Partners
9. Schedule your business assessment
10. Know when to ask for help. If you need to delegate any of this, let me know and I will refer you to a virtual assistant.

Why settle….make the most of what opportunities are available to you!