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Successful Business Strategies by Kathleen Hawkins

Learn to identify and adapt to different commuication styles. You will discover the art of selling and see live consultations. It's not what you sell, it's how you sell that counts. Customers buy on emotion and justify with facts. It's never about price, it's about preception.

This series was created when I worked in the photography industry and used to sell for $299. I give many photography illustrations, but  marketing and sales, but lead generation, telemarketing, closing a client is all the same no matter what you are selling. This is worth the price of membership alone!

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4

Business Basics For The Serious Entrepreneur by Kathleen Hawkins

After over 500 Business Assessments Kathleen knows small business and what it takes to thrive. In this video you will discover the most common mistakes small business owners make. Learn how to create custom loyalty and gain referrals. You will understand successful selling skills and learn how to strenghten your interpersonal skills.


Leading Your Business with God as Your Guide by Kathleen Hawkins

 QUESTION: Why Does God place a passion in your heart and make you desire more?

ANSWER: Because he has a plan, he has a purpose for each of our lives. Reveal what is required to live passionately and identify your calling.